During my 25 years of travel around the world, I have always wanted to document my experience in some manner. I've toured all over North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and one way I've chosen is to photograph pedestrian signs. These signs have always interested me because, although they convey something very simple, the manner in which they convey it varies from country to country, and in some subtle way, relates something particular about that culture, such as how we are supposed to comport ourselves as we go about our lives. This hobby has had its costs, such as facing a busload of moaning musicians as I convince the driver to pull over in the hot sun for another shot, but I am undaunted. There are many more crosswalks out there. (Yes, those are bullet holes.)
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Tokyo, Japan
Beirut, Lebanon
Maribor, Slovenia
Thessaloniki, Greece
Malaga, Spain
Besancon, France
Appingedam, Holland
Marakesh, Morocco
Istanbul, Turkey
Chicago, USA
Brussels, Belgium
Wash. D.C., USA
Graz, Austria
Famagusta, Cyprus
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